Wednesday, February 27, 2008

soo many things...

I am about done with my 1st pair of matching socks(key word here) so I promise to post those soon as I complete a whole pair that go together in this world. If we were in Dr Seuss world it would be fine.

Class descriptions are due to me this weekend so Kathy can get them on the website, so guess what my goal is Friday night. UMMM any guesses YES DING DING this DING DONG has got to get her sketches off of paper and actually into the Crop Camp Book for class. Nice huh. OOH and my description for the knitting class too!!

We are 9 days from my 30 again birthday, more excited about going to Awesome class. Ryan and I are heading to Wichita this weekend to replace the aquarium full of fish that got boiled while he was sick. And I need panties so that requires a trip to Vic Secret.

Hope everyone is digging the organizational posts, March will ROCK because we will be getting ready for Crop Camp together!! How COOL!!


chitknit said...

Yay! on the socks! Can't wait to see them. I've gotten a good start on armwarmer number two. Maybe that'll inspire me to finish sock number two, as well.

Have a great day!