Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I apologize for not posting yesterday this allergy thing is kicking me. I am tired of fighting it, tired of waking up unrested and tired from trying to breath all night, just like that song "I am tired of being sick and tired"

Ok I am off my pity party, I mean my birthday is in 5days, the pajama crop celebrating my bday and Susan and Diann's bday is in 4 at Scrap Funattic.

Monday I took Kathy to her first check up appoinment and it was great. She is recovering well, while I was waiting I opened my book to read and realized I couldnt reach the arm rests. As I looked around I was like Alice in Wonderland all the chairs werent the size you normally see which is great you know the world isnt full of smaller people obviously and I think its great they respect that but I felt kinda out of place and found it just funny Kathy and I joked about her bringing her Skinny Bitch friend to the clinic.

BUT on a much serious note read this http://www.scrapfunattic.blogspot.com/ now granted it was weird for me to change and potty in the Attic Employee Bathroom and Edward was staring at me but Steff is upset. So I gotta ask where is Edward? Who took him? Please give him back to Stove Top Steffie she is sad!

Tomorrow is a dental day, plus a Crop Camp meeting I hope to show you the shirts by Thursday and Thursday we have the 6th grade Science Fair and an 8:15 indoor soccer game. Crazy days ahead.