Saturday, March 28, 2009

I keep reminding myself as the rain and sleet started and then ALL THE RAIN that thank goodness Crop Camp is 6 days away. I would have worried myself sick about all of our ladies traveling to CC in this mess. Its a blessing, I bet alot of them got page kits packed {wink wink} and are all packed and ready to go like me :)

Shandra and Susan were without power the last I checked. Kathy and I have enjoyed CITY LIVING WITH ELECTRICITY today. I ventured over to her house to do a little hair highlighting. SHH I will not show the results until Crop Camp. Its a SUHPRISE!!

Baked cookies today for hubby to get him by for a few days. Now throwing some page kits, cause I dont think 20 is enough. Panic packing I guess.