Sunday, March 15, 2009

I didnt fall off the wagon I evidently jumped. Long week, getting Spring Break plans finalized. Crop Camp shirts to Kathy and Shandra and on the website. Getting re-ready to start working in Mental Health at the end of this month. I started on my 52 cards for the Crop Camp Card Swap. I am almost officially 1/2 way done.
I tried a few new recipes yesterday I tried 4 and was happy with 2 so whatta do. Trial and error I guess. I want to seriously start packing for Crop Camp, seems too early. I mean seriously is it just to avoid the housework needing done or am I just looking forward to 3 whole days and nights of just worrying about myself and singing Ice Ice Baby and Goodbye Earl. Maybe its just a time to just worry about me about when I get up, when I eat, how late I stay up and how much I get done. Maybe its a selfish thought but I think we as women need and deserve days where the only person we are responsible for is ourselves.
This week will be an odd one. Carlee left Friday night and wont stay the night in our house again until Wednesday, then she is home until Friday night and gone again. She is attending activities in Ark City at the High School pool and its an all day event for 3 days. She will then leave Friday night and go to Springfield with my parents and Lena to go to the caves and do some exploring.
I am planning to get to work at 7 this week to make my evening longer so I can see the light and sunshine longer I need that.
I cleaned out my flowerbeds, I still have A LOT of work to do and need to decide what gets planted this year. I loved having fresh herbs but I need to plant what I use instead what just smells pretty.
I hope everyones Spring Break is nice and the weather is great wherever you go or happen to be.