Friday, March 27, 2009

So here I set. School let out at 1 Carlee's dad came and picked her up because we all know I dont do cold. ESPECIALLY wet and cold. Plus I am an admitted weather wienie. K THERE I SAID IT!

I have made dinner, brats and bell peppers and onions swimming in beer and put it in the oven at 350 for an hour. YUMMY YUMMY! I made the Donna Pretzels as my daughter calls them because Donna Wunderlich shared the recipe with me that she got from a friend.

I have 19 page kits packed. May do more tomorrow we shall see depends on whether we have electricity or not. Kathy has no internet so we are texting or she is replying to emails from me.

She is going to highlight my hair tomorrow, may have to find a different mode of transportation considering the ice, sleet, ice and rain havent stopped. We have tree branches hanging to the ground that you couldnt even reach before just standing in the yard. Scarey thought. At least none are close to our cars or the house.

Sleep tight and luck to all of those dealing with the winter storm. The positive side is that its keeping all of us home and inside to prepare for Crop Camp!