Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OMGoodness do you see this http://www.cropcamp.com/ 17 days until SPRING CROP CAMP oh my goodness. My to do list is way long. And Steff poor Steff I know you are sick and I am sorry for the panic text but its creeping up and there is too much to do.

Ok I am done being a Whiney Hiney I promise no more pity party for me. I have overcome the panic I should reconsider meds.

went for a haircut thank goodness for Shondelle I feel like a left a bunny on her floor with the amount of hair I left behind. Too much hair on this head I should check the scales see if there is a difference, seriously people if I start to look like Chewbaca lives up there TELL ME!!

Dental day tomorrow must sleepy sleepy now.