Sunday, March 08, 2009

well that was one FUN NIGHT!!

The PJ Birthday Crop rocked! Got stuff done, hung out with the girls, ate alot! It was so much fun having Debbie(Attic Mom) drop in and Steff and Dana and Danelle. Of course us birthday girls Susan, Diann and Myself. Vicki, Rita, Donna and Christal. And Donna that little cutting machine is on my wish list cuz its just compact and cool and I love that.

Jennifer and Kerry and your new friend Emily who shares my birthday too she was way COOL!
It was fun meeting Dianns daughter Zoe's mommy.

Susan, Mandy and I left the store at 3 i think this time change so screwed me up. I got some fabulous gifts, Shandra got me a apron that says "I'll take a caffe mocha vodka latte to go please" so fitting for me.

Susan got me sweet alphas she knows me too well, Kathy got me a gift certificate and believe it orr not I didnt use it all!

I am planning on resting today, I freaked hubby out cause he woke up at 11 and I was still in bed he was worried the sickness was taking me back over, but I didnt get much sleep over the week so I needed to catch up.

Well I am off to have a lazy birthday day hope you enjoy the beautiful Kansas weather, it was a little freaky hearing the faint sound of sirens last night but not anywhere near us.