Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is it not a big shock that when deadlines are haunting me I am not posting here? No big shocker there huh?
I have 39 out of 52 cards done, but ran out of cardstock and still need envelopes. So I ventured a shower about noon and am at this time supposed to be typing my class for Crop Camp.

If you are interested in taking a class on packing page kits this is the time. Even if its a refresher course this class has been revamped and cut down so that you can do this and it doesnt take away your cropping time at Crop Camp. You can email me at to sign up its $10 and includes a Cropper Hopper page planner and sketches and instructions and some steps to get you there. Quick and easy and only an hour of your time.

so there, now I gotta be busy or Shandra will find me.. teehee


Shandra said...

So THERE...I already know where you are. :) Just for the record, I will probably work on my cards at CROP CAMP!!!!